New sale

Please to announce the purchase of Keep Asking Questions, James, age 28

from the project: Voices In The Sky

Previous Sales

These are some previous sales from my projects, Traditions, Monuments, Memorials, and Voices In The Landscape.

Friends, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, 1994
 Imacon Color Scanner
 Imacon Color Scanner
Do Not Touch, Maryland July, 2000
Hello I Love You  Brampton, ON 2001
God Loves You. ON, 2005

Digital show at Louvre

Your photography was included in the Black & White Collection 

and was presented at a private reception at hosted at: 


Musee du Louvre

75058 Paris - France

July 13th, 2015



Photography holds power. The act of taking a photo acts as a historical marker and a capture of time. Just as archaeologists offer hypotheses about ancient societies based on cave paintings, historians of the future will base their conjectures about us on the photography that is happening at this very moment, including yours. 


As technology makes our world more interconnected, the act of creation has become a universal language and a vital conversation. Your photography, represented at the Fifth Annual Exposure Award reception is a thrilling contribution to that dialogue. 


It's been an honor to have your work included. Thank you for sharing your photography with us and with the world. 




William Etundi Jr.

Founder of SeeMe

Voices In The Landscape Book

I am also pleased to announce that my Voices In The Landscape book is also avalailable and can also be viewed in the Books section of this site.




Voices In The Sky Book

I am pleased to announce that I received enough donations to shoot my Voices In The Sky project this past August. I have just completed the design of the book which can be viewed in the Books sections of this site.




Cover cropped.jpg

See.Me NYC

I was please to be part of another See.Me event in Times Square on July 25.

It was very exciting to have tens of thousands of people see my work along with the other


Times Square July 2014

Times Square July 2014

See.Me New York